1. How does a full solar system work?
  2. A full solar system is made up of 3 things: Solar panels, an inverter, and batteries. The panels produce DC which is taken to an inverter. An inverter takes the DC electricity from the panels and charges the batteries. Batteries stores up the power for later consumption through varies appliances such as LED lights, TVs, Fans, and power saving refrigerators.


  1. What are the different Types of Solar Systems?
  2. Grid-Tie Solar Systems – Best for those who already have electric utility service, but wish to significantly reduce their electric bill, using Eskom.

Grid-Tie Solar Systems with Battery Backup – This is for those who already have electric utility        service but want the security of uninterrupted power in outage-prone locations.

Off-Grid Cabin Solar Systems – Perfect for the scaled-down power needs of small homes and remote cabins, going off the grid.

Off-Grid Solar Systems – An off-grid system is designed for the power needs of mid-to-large size homes, going off the grid.

  1. How much does a solar system cost?
  2. The cost for a solar system varies per household or commercial power needs. Check out our solar calculator to see the cost estimate.


  1. Why should I consider getting a solar system for my home or business?
  2. Solar energy is a great investment that can help you reduce your electricity bill, no more bill shocks and an unpredictable rise of electricity rates. Business owners with an unstable cash flow also get to plan and manage their expenses better. Using solar energy also means reducing the carbon footprint and improving your property value.


  1. What is the difference between a UPS system and a full solar system?
  2. A UPS system is mainly for backup and not for day use. The system is perfect for load shedding or power cuts. This solution is made up of a battery and an inverter (no solar panels). It is upgradable meaning you can add solar panels at a later stage. It will allow you to run the following appliances: Lights, TV, DSTV, WIFI router, Sound bar, CCTV & Alarm system, Plugs, Pool pump and Garage & Gate motor for about 4-5hrs. It will NOT allow you to turn on rapid heat appliances such as : A Stove, Oven, Underfloor heating, Iron, Washing Machine, Dryer, Pool heater and Air conditioner.

Full solar system

Is a perfect solution when you are looking at reducing your electricity bill and gradually being off the grid? This system includes solar panels, batteries, and an inverter. This system will have the properties running on solar throughout the day and Eskom as your backup. It will also be able to run through the night from the power saved in the batteries, but if you need to use rapid heat appliances (microwave, kettle) and the power saved is not sufficient due to factors like cloudy weather, Eskom will be used.


  1. Can I install a full solar system myself?
  2. Useless if you are qualified installer NO! We work with qualified electricians and installers who will come to assist you with that.


  1. How many appliances can I run from my solar system?
  2. Check out solar calculator to see how many appliances you can power up.


  1. Do the products come with a warranty?
  2. Our products come with a manufacturing warranty which varies per manufacturer.


  1. Where are you based.
  2. Our head Office is in fourways, however we prefer our clients to call us in for a house assessment.