Terms and Conditions:

Goods received within 7 days of the stated receipt date and transaction is covered in Section 44 of the Electronic Communications and Transmission Act. This return policy does not include items within Section 42(2) of the Act, and/within the suggested warranty period where a product is faulty or within ten business days after Puri Solutions delivered goods to the wrong recipient.

Products are only returned if the fault is caused by the manufacturing process. However, goods cannot be accepted if they are disassembled, either partially or entirely; physically interfered or installed, attached, or affixed; added or joined to, blended, embedded or combined with other things.

Returns Procedure:

Puri Solutions will only accept products with prior authorization along with a return number and receipt given by the head office. Without this proof, your request for a refund or exchange will not be accepted. Buyers must use reputable carriers/ couriers that can provide delivery proof along with insurance value of the shipment.  If your item reaches in bad condition due to the mistake of shipping company, no manufacturer shall be held responsible. Puri Solutions does not refund any shipping charges; but will refund if the delivery error is ours. This must be proven before any refund is processed.

Returned products for replacement, refund or credit should be in perfect condition and 100% complete with manuals, blank warranty forms, original packaging along with other accessories packed with the product by the manufacturer.  If the item is tampered with in any way, we are entitled to decline the return request. If the return order is due to the customer’s fault, you should expect a charge of 25% of the manufacturer or supplier’s charges. 


Full Installation – Goods will only be released after 90% of the payment is made. The balance is to be paid after installation (This applies to macro project such as large corporations and construction)

UPS System & Entry Level Products – Goods will only be released after 100% of the payment is made

EFT payments should clear before products are shipped


Quotations are only valid for 7 calendar days after being issued. 

See below payment methods and terms

Cash Deposits:

Electronic Funds Transfer – No cheque payment options can be used. It is the customer’s responsibility to determine if the goods will suit the intended purpose. If the customer is not sure about the product’s suitability, please contact our office for assistance before placing an order. If a purchase is conducted without seeking prior assistance, Puri Solutions will not be held liable for any undesired results after purchase. Puri solutions is not bound to any order until it is approved by our management. Payment must be made before shipment, otherwise we shall consider it an incomplete order.


Shipping Charges

Puri Solutions invoices the buyer purchase costs including handling and shipping expenses. You pay as indicated on the invoice given to you by Puri Solutions.


Any original or copy of the delivery note signed by you or someone who received the order on your behalf is sufficient evidence that delivery was made. We shall not be liable for any loss of items if the item was delivered to your doorstep. Any visible defects discrepancies should be noted on the waybill or delivery note. Anything reported later may not be sufficient to warrant a return or a refund. 

Puri Solutions has the right to divide delivery of goods ordered with your consent, but the consent shall not be withheld unreasonably.  Goods may arrive at your doorstep at different times as the dispatchers may be different. If you decide to use a third-party service for goods delivery, Puri Solutions is indemnified against claims that may occur in such an agreement. We are not liable for any losses or damages of your items. Puri Solutions promises to work and meet delivery time; however, it shall not be held liable for damage or loss of goods that may occur due to late delivery, unless the is due to a situation within their control.


The price terms and specifications can change, and you are requested to go through the prices, terms and specifications any time you want to place an order. The customer will purchase at the price appearing currently on the Puri Solutions site. In the case of increase of pricing occurring before goods are delivered due to duties or taxes or promulgation of law that elevate the price either directly or indirectly, we are entitled to pass the extra costs to the buyer.  We shall not under any circumstance overlook the extra cost.

Change Orders

All orders are a subject to our terms and conditions. Puri Solutions only accepts written orders, but we may at our sole discretion choose to accept and execute orders placed via the phone, but notwithstanding the above.  Puri Solutions has the right to decline collection or delivery until you place in a written order.  Also, change of orders is only possible where our return policies are met.

Orders Cancellation

If you want to cancel your order before it is delivered, please send a request via: sales@purisolutions.com. You may also call within working hours and speak to one of the authorized Puri Solutions representatives. However, your deposit will not be refunded for manufactured or specially ordered goods. Any order may be cancelled by Puri Solutions if it is unavailable due to reasons beyond our control.


The estimated time for installation depends on how the weather conditions. E.g. should it rain Puri solutions installers will not unfortunately proceed with the installation.



Processing times policy

Processing an order may take between three and five days (business days) as long as the payment is verified, and items are in stock. At Puri Solutions, we do not commit to one-day shipping services as we do not operate during weekends or public holidays. Your delivery may take up to five or more days if your order falls on a weekend.

Back Orders

Puri Solutions will inform customers of any delays that may occur. If the order is unavailable, it will be placed on back order. Buyers should know that dates that reflect are estimated because we cannot guarantee the arrival dates.  If a back order is not delivered within 30 days, you can write and cancel it by giving Puri Solutions 7 days’ notice.


Guarantees and warranties

Guarantees and warranties are available according to what the law states. All goods supplied by Puri Solutions are subject to manufacturers warrant. However, Puri Solutions may help to enforce warranty against a manufacturer of the items on your behalf.


The warranty becomes void if:

The product is not used according to the manufacturer’s instruction. If the product is subjected to abuse, physical abuse, alteration, improper maintenance, and tampering. Also, warranty is not withstanding if the item is repaired, serviced, or installed by someone who is not qualified to handle it. If the returned item has missing parts, Puri Solution will not accept it back and may enforce extra charges to cover the costs of the missing components. Puri Solution adds a reasonable amount if the whole item requires restoration before it can be fit enough for restocking. The cost is passed to you as the buyer.


Puri Solutions does not handle repairs for any products.  Manufacturers give buyers manuals and how to set up their items. We shall not be liable held for damages or loss of any nature due unforeseen additional costs or delayed repairs carried out by manufacturers.

Your responsibilities before installation begin:

(a)Ensure that anyone who is part of your property consents to your installation. 

(i) Get the required permissions, approvals and consents before the installation begins.

(ii) Check and confirm that there are no restrictions that may hinder installations within your property such as property being located within a conservation area or locations marked as historical landmarks.

  1. b) Give the technicians access to your property without any problems on the dates appointed via quotation for installation or as agreed by the manufacturer.
  2. c) Give out all information that may be relevant to the installation activities.
  3. d) Make sure you provide 100% complete and accurate information
  4. e) It is your responsibility to prepare the property to ease access for the sole purpose of installation. You agree that you will follow our instructions reasonably regarding preparation of your property to enable the installation process.
  5. f) Ensure protection to your belongings during the installation by removing any valuables and breakable items within the areas of installation.


Events beyond of our control

We shall not be held liable if an item fails to perform or experience delayed performance. Our obligations according to these terms and conditions are due to a Force Majeure Event. This means that our obligations remain suspended within the period of Force Majeure Event, but we get additional time to carry out the obligations to cover the time duration. We take reasonable steps to ensure our obligations as stated in these terms and conditions are performed despite the unforeseen Force Majeure Event.

Limitation of Liability

We will not be held responsible for experienced delays or preventions to comply with the necessary obligations according to our contract because of anything you or your representative fails or does. We shall not be liable for any defects during installation caused by you or the system to the extent contributed and/or caused.

We are only held liable if there is a breach of contract and evidence proving we are at fault.

We do not give warranties; it is not our duty to ensure fitness, adequacy and quality of a product as permitted by the law. This is the responsibility of the manufacturers.  Every limitation and exclusion in the quote will apply separately for every provision.

You shall provide us with an opportunity where it is reasonable to rectify any matter resulting from our mistakes before you spend any money or incur expenses to rectifying the matter by yourself. If you fail to do so, we shall not be responsible for that matter. You are requested to give us written evidence when submitting any allegations against us. These written words shall show how we caused the loss and what has been done to reduce the loss before we can accept liability.