Lithium battery Pylontech ‘s UP2500 2.8KWH


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    Lithium battery Pylontech ‘s UP2500 lithium Batteries are the best backup system for Office computers, data centers, cargo equipment, and other businesses, banks, hospitals, schools, train stations, airports, Telecommunications… Features Cell Balance function Voltage protection Overload protection Overload protection Overcurrent Protection Short Circuit protection Temperature protection Solf boot function Specification Basic parameters Pylontench UP2500 Nominal Voltage 25.6 V Nominal capacity 2840Wh Ability to use 2550Wh Dimensions 442x420x119 Weight 27.5 Voltage discharge 23 ~ 28.8 Load Voltage 28.2 ~ 28.8 Current OF Loading/unloading 56 (continuous) 111 (Peak @ 15s) Communication RS485 Temperature of Work 0 ~ 50 Temperature in The drawer -20 ~ 60℃ Moisture 5% ~ 90% Altitude < 2000m Durability 10 years (25th-77 º F Life Cycles >6000, @ 25℃ Authentication Level IEC62619/RoHS/UN 38.3


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